Videos: Fitness

A real look into life at the Austin Fire Department's Cadet Academy from the eyes of cadets from Class 119.

A look at the physical nature of the AFD fire academy
The deadlift and hang clean are incredibly effective exercises when done properly. Watch this video to see technique, progression drills, and tips to master these lifts.
The overhead press exercise mimics one of the most common movements in everyday life. It is an incredibly effective compound lift that primarily strengthens the shoulder, chest, and arms but also utilizes the core and the lower body.
The squat is one of the most fundamental movements of the human body. You will find yourself in this position multiple times each day so it is important to know the proper technique to prevent injury and to fully reap the benefits of compound movement.
Rowing is an excellent, low-impact method to develop cardiovascular fitness. In this video you will learn how to set-up the rower as well as how to maximize your efficiency.