Chaplain Application


To provide a link in communication and develop a lasting partnership among the Austin Fire Department and the Faith Community.

To develop a relationship with members of the Austin Fire Department including firefighters, civilians, and family members to provide spiritual guidance and assistance in time of need.

To work in collaboration with the Austin Fire Department Peer Support Team and other Wellness Center services.

To provide a unique resource to the Austin Fire Department that is not intended to replace the firefighters or civilian’s own pastor, priest, rabbi or other spiritual counselor, but will serve as an additional resource.  The program will not be used as a forum for proselytization (recruitment to a denomination).


Be a resident of the Austin area.

Be an ordained or licensed Minister, Deacon, Priest or Rabbi serving in a locally recognized congregational or organizational group.

Be in good standing and obtain a letter of recommendation from his/her congregational superior or the supervising body recommending him/her for the Fire Chaplains’ Program.

Have at least three years’ experience in ministry.

Never have been convicted of a felony or any offence involving moral turpitude and be willing to undergo a background check.

Possess a valid Texas driver’s license.

Complete the orientation and training program prescribed by the Chaplains’ Advisory Committee.

Display conduct in keeping with the dignity of the ministry.

Be in good health, with no physical limitations that would hinder effective service.

Be willing to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per quarter year.

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The information requested on this form is to process your application for the Austin Fire Department Chaplains’ Program.  You are not required by law or ordinance to provide any of the information, but failure to do so will prevent the Fire Department from fully processing your application.  Additionally, a criminal history check will be completed and maintained in accordance with state and federal laws.  Your signature at the end of this form acknowledges your understanding of this information and consent to process the application.

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